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HEINEKEN introduces H41 ‘Wild Lager’, by Heineken®

Date:6th April 2017


Wednesday, April 5th - Today, HEINEKEN Ireland introduces H41, a limited edition lager brewed using the rare ‘mother’ yeast discovered in the Patagonia region of South America. Embarking on a voyage of discovery that led Heineken® Master Brewers to the wildest area of southern Argentina, the new lager boasts a full bodied taste, with spicy notes balanced by subtle hints of fruit, with a 5.3% ABV.


Using a passport and sense of adventure as a guide, the name H41 is derived from the latitude coordinate of the beech forest in Patagonia where the wild yeast was discovered. Heineken’s® Master Brewers used this wild yeast found in nature to unleash a spectrum of new tastes, to create the first Wild Lager.


Willem van Waesberghe, Heineken® Master Brewer, commented: “Central to the famous Heineken® taste is our unique A-yeast. It was first used 130 years ago by Dr. Elion, a Heineken® brewer trained by Louis Pasteur. Still used today, the exact makeup of our A-yeast is a closely guarded secret.


He continued:However, when the ‘mother’ of our A-yeast was discovered in Patagonia, it presented us with a unique opportunity. Using our unrivalled expertise, Heineken’s® Master Brewers began to work with the mother yeast, and H41 was born.”


Radina Shkutova, HEINEKEN Ireland Marketing Director, said: “With 150 years of brewing mastery behind us, HEINEKEN is perfectly positioned to explore new beer styles while remaining true to our iconic product. The release of H41 in Ireland demonstrates our continuing commitment to innovation and our desire to explore new offerings, taking lager where it has never been before. We are fully focused on the ever-changing tastes of our consumers and always eager to reward our loyal drinkers with something fresh.


H41 limited edition lager is available now, on draught and 330ml bottles in selected bars across Dublin.

Pictured: Willem van Waesberghe, Heineken® Master Brewer; with PJ Tierney, HEINEKEN Ireland Brewery Manager

Willem PJ for Press Release