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Handling Kegs in Cold Conditions

Date:27th February 2018

Handling Kegs in Cold Conditions

In temperatures below freezing (0°C) extra precautions should be taken when in the vicinity of beer kegs 

  • Do not store or leave beer kegs outside even when empty. 
  • Store kegs on a pallet inside in ambient conditions of +7°C.

If a keg has been left outside in temperatures below freezing or if you suspect that a kegs contents may be frozen……

  • Avoid moving the keg. Not all kegs are fitted with a safety spear to prevent spear ejection. 
  • Never lean over the top of a frozen keg. 
  • Cover the keg in a blanket and clearly label the keg .


  • Do not move the keg until it has been exposed to temperatures of +5°C for at least 12 continuous hours. 
  • Do not use the keg when frozen. Once it has thawed, contact the brewer for advice on whether use is possible. 
  • Notify the relevant brewer that you have frozen containers for collection.

This is only advice. It is YOUR responsibility to take all reasonable steps and precautions.