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HEINEKEN Ireland Intern Retrospective: Walking the Walk

Date:2nd August 2018

Before we’d even interviewed with HEINEKEN Ireland, we did what all hopeful applicants do – we scoured the corporate website to learn as much as we could about the company’s history, values and culture. For many of us, fresh out of college seeking new opportunities in the industry, what we’d heard or read about HEINEKEN Ireland nearly seemed too good to be true. While scepticism is always healthy, what we’ve experienced in the past month has surpassed our expectations, and we’ve discovered that when it comes to what they say and what they do, HEINEKEN Ireland walks the walk.

The three core values of HEINEKEN aren’t simply platitudes, they’re present in every aspect of the company – enjoyment of life, passion for quality, and a respect for people and planet. Here’s what some of our interns have to say after their first month on the job:

Luke McManagan, the Finance Department’s Business Intelligence Intern, says that besides our international reach and iconic brands, workplace culture was one of the many reasons he sought an internship with the company.


“At HEINEKEN Ireland, people work hard and have a ton of fun in the process. The atmosphere is very creative and laid back, and with the open-plan office you can walk up to anyone at their desk and ask a question or have a chat. Right now I’m working on seven projects, of varying prioritisation, but with the ease of communication established between my mentors I’m able to seek help when I need it. In the past month I’ve grown to thrive in this environment - I’m able to be really productive and learn a lot simultaneously.”

In a different role entirely, Marie O’Leary’s internship with the Customer Service team highlights the social aspect of why people love to work at HEINEKEN Ireland and why we’re excited to be working with such renowned brands.


“When I was researching the company, their focus on the enjoyment of life really resonated with me. On the first day, after my manager introduced me to the team, I was greeted by everyone individually – they were super welcoming and helpful and it’s very obvious that they have a deep respect for one another and the work we’re doing. It’s always great to hear customers’ enthusiasm for our brands, and our department’s product knowledge is rooted in a sincere appreciation for the brands themselves.”

Our interns come from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Alan Noonan is a Data Science Intern in the Commercial Information and Analytics office, having recently made his leap from the public sector. After a busy first month, I was excited to see what he’d been up to.


“When I joined the team, my manager asked me to set my own goals and push myself to see them to fruition. He’s been encouraging me to follow these goals and they’ve developed into large projects, I’m really excited to have so much support moving forward.”

“There’s a real drive to push the quality of our work to new heights, and we’re being afforded every opportunity to contribute – my mentors brought me to Microsoft’s Hackathon, in the 2nd week of my internship, and to be included in an event of that calibre that early on was an amazing opportunity.”

John Larson, the office’s new Corporate Affairs Intern, finds the company’s sustainability mission near to his heart.

“Doing the right thing is extremely important to me. Being environmentally conscious, I’m proud to work for a company that takes these issues as seriously as I do.


Every step of the supply chain has undertaken intensive sustainability overhauls and there’s a genuine movement within HEINEKEN to Brew a Better World, from Barley to Bar.”

“Working with a team so involved in reducing carbon emissions, with their ‘Drop the C’ initiative has been an amazing learning experience.”

We’re looking forward to the next five months with the company, and for all the growth and experience to come.