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Who said January has to be dry – Anna Walsh, Heineken® Brand Manager

Date:20th January 2021


“You’ve decided to do dry January this year – are you mad?” “After 2020, we have gone through enough challenges this year, why would you start now?” These are some of the responses I received from friends, family and colleagues when I told them I had decided to do Dry January in 2021. For me, the decision was easy, it is one simple way to get my health kick started (along with a 28 day HIIT workout challenge… which isn’t as easy!). One month off alcohol has been a growing trend in recent years, and perhaps attempting to do it during lockdown is the perfect time to start.

From what I have learned, I am not the only person who will be attempting it this year. A recent Behaviour & Attitudes Dry January Research study we conducted found that 1 in 4 Irish adults are likely to participate in Dry January in 2021, which is unsurprising given that health and wellbeing has become more of a priority for Irish adults following 2020. This is particularly prevalent in the 25-34 age group, where more than one third of respondents indicated they were likely to participate in this coming Dry January (36%).

It is clear there are health benefits to limiting your alcohol for a month, but it may also give you time to try something new. Another key point from the research is that participants believe that non-alcoholic beer would help them complete Dry January. Ringing in the New Year, we launched a Heineken® 0.0% advent calendar-style ‘Dry Pack', which contains 31 cans of non-alcoholic Heineken® 0.0%; one for each day of the month. A couple of years ago, consumers didn't have much choice if they didn’t want to drink alcohol. For me, I believe this is a game-changer as it offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy a non-alcoholic beer without having to compromise on taste and it encourages those looking to give Dry January go, an engaging way to get involved. 

So if you have been wondering whether or not to get involved with Dry January this year, it has never been easier. Why not kick off 2021 on the right note. With lots of options now available, you can still enjoy a non-alcoholic beer this month and remember, you can start any time!

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